Easy network inventory discovery

Slurp’it is a powerful and easy-to-use network discovery solution that offers 100% accurate network inventory. No coding required.

117 vendors

Out of the box communication with all major networking vendors

Community driven

Uses TextFSM by google for collecting and parsing data

slurpit dashboard

>> UPDATE! May 23, 2024: New Slurp’it plugin for Nautobot announced, read about it here

If there’s a show command we can slurp’it!



Discover your inventory easy and fast. Set-up in 10 minutes or less!


Store and analyze

Turn CLI output into actionable data for analysis and trouble shooting.


Use it

Create custom reports, and use for network automation via RestAPI.

Quick introduction

  • Translate any network into structured data. JSON, CSV, XLSX and more
  • Digital twin of your network inventory
  • All data available off-line
  • Access data via RestAPI
  • Access to 600+ TextFSM templates

Insight into your network

Security: find unwanted devices and access points in no time

Projects: everything at your fingertips for all project members

Migrations: know what’s in use before you migrate

Automations: accurate inventory data is key for your network automation

Search & Find: Search over your Network like you search on the web in Google

Source of Truth: Create a live version of your source of truth (or sync to NetBox)

Slurpit templates animation

Our customers

“We use the old version already for many years and have automated endless processes with Slurp’it data. I love that it always reflects the current network state.”

Joppe Willems, sr. network engineer and automation hero


‘‘The new Slurp’it release looks awesome. It is extremely flexible and powerful. We can even discover very specific data to correlate for use-cases and compliance projects.

Sr. network automation engineer

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“As a MSP, we need to know all about a customer’s network before we can onboard it. I can now retrieve all inventory data automatically with no scripting skills required”

Steffen Schmidt, network architect


Slurp’it: the network solution for every role

Security managers

Gain full visibility into all IT assets on your network with Slurp’it, ensuring control over user access and data security.

Project teams

Empower project teams with hassle-free access to essential data. Easily identify open ports or outdated software versions without IT intervention.

Network admins

Simplify network connectivity challenges. Search for IP addresses or device names to discover connections and available ports without logging into devices.

Helpdesk staff

Expedite issue resolution by pinpointing problems with Slurp’it. Quickly identify device connections, switches, routers, access points, and more, saving valuable support time.

Non-IT departments

Enable non-IT users to independently find IP addresses and available ports with Slurp’it, reducing reliance on IT support for connecting laptops or printers.

DevOps staff

Keep your Source of Truth up to date for Network Automation. Slurp’it provides an accurate overview of network inventory data, supporting self-service and task automation.

Discover your network for free

Free for life

Unlimited device discovery plus Slurp’it ‘professional’ for 10 devices


  • Unlimited device discovery
  • Data parsing for 10 devices
  • Full Slurp’it functionality
  • RestAPI
  • Slack support
  • NetBox plugin
  • Slurp’it – Day 1 discovery course
  • NetBox – Day 1 onboarding course


All from ‘Free’ plus unlimited inventory data discovery & support


  • Unlimited data parsing for # licensed devices
  • Data warehouse – unlimited storage
  • Ticket support with SLA
  • 1:1 zoom sessions
  • TextFSM service (we build for you)
  • Courses – Day 2 discovery & onboarding


All from ‘Professional’ plus enterprise features and advanced support


  • Multi-domain support
  • Horizontal agent scaling
  • Premium SLA support
  • Dedicated support engineer
  • Integrations 
  • Access to all courses

Slurp up your network today!

Unlock the power of efficient network management. Gain access to our onboarding course, cutting-edge plugin, hands-on sandbox, and personalized 1:1 support. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your network experience. Slurp up the benefits today!