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Never miss out on finding devices in your network. Unlimited device discovery + Slurp’it ‘professional’ for 10 devices. Use in production and integrate with your network automation solutions.


This includes:

Unlimited device discovery
Unlimited data & attribute discovery for 10 devices
Full Slurp'it functionality
600+ TexFSM templates
RestFull API
NetBox plugin
Slack support
Slurp'it - Getting started course

What You Get When You Buy
a Slurp’it License

  • Quick setup
    You can have Slurp’it up and running within 10 minutes. In case you need support, we’ll  help you.
  • The most powerful features for Network Discovery
    Rest API, TextFSM, Horizontal Scaling, MongoDB, Docker, 100+ vendor support, SSH, SNMP and much more.
  • Excellent support
    Rely on our support service and technical documentation to answer any question.
  • Integrate with most Network Source of Truth systems:
    We support most popular platforms like: NetBox, NautoBot, ServiceNow, Patch Manager, NetYCE.
  • API integration
    No matter what source of data you use, you can sync our data from and to your system by using our API.
  • Role Based Access
    We support both Admin & User roles to divide core functionalities from every day use functionalities.

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