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Recent Articles

Enable Debugging in Slurp’it

This feature can help you to provide extra logging information when you are encountering an issue in discovering your network or maybe a bug in the software. After debugging is configured you have to restart the containers to activate the setting. When can this be...

Update your Offline Slurp’it instance

If you want to run on machines separated from the internet, you will need to save the 4 slurpit images on a machine which does have access to the internet and then copy them to the machine which you want to run the images on. Both machines will need to have docker to...

NetBox Plugin Changelog

Our versioning is setup like: 1.x.x = Majorx.1.x = Minorx.x.1 = Build numberThis release contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Next release new features will be added. Datatabs cache had an issue where the wrong data was sometimes shown. Hostnames, FQDN &...

Rate Limit Requests

This feature can help you to limit the amount of request for the AAA server and the network device itself. Many Authentication servers (such as TACACS, Radius) cannot handle the rate at which Slurp'it can issue requests. The most frequent indication of this issue is...