Use Cases

Explore how organizations leverage the capabilities of Slurp’it to streamline network management, extract critical information from complex network data, and enhance their network automation processes.

Device Finder

Easily locate all devices on your network by simply specifying an IP range. Our device finder will tirelessly search through your network, adding every device it discovers.

For more advanced users, our well-documented API allows you to effortlessly slurp your devices into Slurp’it. Plus, you have the option to add devices through the user-friendly GUI or conveniently upload a CSV file.

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Brown-field discovery

When it comes to network management, knowledge is power. Slurp’it discovers all you need to know.

It delves into the hardware, providing details like device names, serial numbers, MAC addresses, and manufacturing dates, essential for asset management. It also tracks software versions, flash files, interface statuses, ARP entries, MAC addresses, VLAN info, and much more.

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Rogue users

Slurp’it excels at pinpointing rogue users across any network. With its advanced network discovery capabilities, it can quickly pinpoint unauthorized or suspicious devices, preventing potential security breaches.

By automatically scanning and categorizing connected devices, Slurp’it ensures that you have complete visibility, and take immediate action when rogue users are detected.

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Dormant ports finder

Identifying dormant ports is crucial for network security as they can serve as potential entry points for unauthorized access and security breaches. Traditional methods often struggle with this task due to a lack of historical data.

Slurp’it offers a solution by tracking how long open ports remain inactive, so dormant ports are quickly identified and addressed.


Netbox synchronization

Slurp’it seamlessly integrates with NetBox. With its robust network discovery and data collection features, users can efficiently populate NetBox with comprehensive, accurate information.

This integration simplifies tasks like creating a Network Source of Truth, ensuring that network documentation is up-to-date, minimizing risks, and optimizing network operations. 

Connectivity mapping

Complete traceability is crucial for network management as it enables precise identification and monitoring of devices and their connections. 

Slurp’it creates comprehensive records, including IP and MAC addresses for every port and device, making it easy to track the connections and locations.

Snapshot comparison

Slurp’it can do a Pre and Post State Analysis of your network. When network changes occur, Slurp’it captures comprehensive data, both before and after the changes, allowing for a holistic examination of the network’s transformation.

This powerful feature goes beyond traditional configuration diffs by providing insights into the ripple effects and dependencies triggered by alterations. 

Software license and versioning

In network management, tracking software licenses and versioning from devices is paramount to ensure operational efficiency and security.

Slurp’it offers a comprehensive solution by gathering and organizing this critical data, enabling network administrators to maintain compliance, identify vulnerabilities, and plan for updates or patches. 

Incident enrichment

Enriching support tickets with real-time device and network information is a game-changer in providing efficient and effective IT support.

With Slurp’it you can instantly access vital data such as device status, configurations, and network details to swiftly diagnose and resolve issues.


Easily convert unstructured CLI output into structured JSON data. This transformation unlocks the power of automation, enabling you to seamlessly integrate CLI data into your scripts and tools for advanced network management.

In this way you can automate tasks, analyze data more effectively, and enhance network efficiency. 

Vendor mapping

Vendor mapping allows administrators to swiftly identify and track devices from specific vendors within their network infrastructure.

Based on the first four digits of each mac-address found, Slurp’it identifies each vendor and provides a user-friendly interface to search. Just type in a specific vendor name and a full list will come up.

Project data

In network management, having project-specific data is invaluable. Slurp’it ensure that you have all the essential networking and connectivity data at your fingertips.

Whether it’s for network upgrades, expansions, or troubleshooting, Slurp’it project data feature allows you to stay organized and make informed decisions.

Network Automation

With its Rest API, Slurp’it allows you to seamlessly integrate both stored and live structured data into your scripts and tools. This empowers you to automate routine tasks, streamline processes, and enhance network performance.

Whether it’s provisioning, monitoring, or troubleshooting, Slurp’it network automation capabilities simplify your workflow, save time, and reduce the risk of errors. 

Report builder


Slurp’it let’s you build your own views on all the data it has and even lets you correlate columns from different tables in a single view and share the url with different team mates.

E.g.  by combining the information from the tables mac address, arp and interfaces, you can create a report ‘connected devices’ that allows you to search for an IP address and find everything that it’s connected to.

“We use the old version already for many years and have automated endless processes with Slurp’it data. I love that it always reflects the current network state.”

‘‘The new Slurp’it release looks awesome. It is extremely flexible and powerful. We can even discover very specific data to correlate for use-cases and compliance projects.

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“As a MSP, we need to know all about a customer’s network before we can onboard it. I can now retrieve all inventory data automatically with no scripting skills required”

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“Slurp’it helps us integrate all our inventory data in our network automation tasks. Love that everything is available in JSON format.”

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