About Slurp’it

Welcome to the essence of Slurp’it. This page provides an in-depth exploration of our product without the sales pitch.


Slurpit wizard animation

Instant onboarding

Get your system up and running in less than an hour:

Download from Gitlab

Run docker containers on your preferred OS

Simply follow the onboarding wizard

Add devices

Slurp’it needs access to your devices to do its magic. There are several ways to do this:

Manual Addition: Enter device details manually.

API Integration: Connect by sending device information through the API.

Bulk Upload: Upload a list of devices.

Automated Discovery: Let Slurp’it discover and add your devices.

Slurpit devices animation
Slurpit moving architecture

Scalable Architecture

Run every part of the application on the same server or seperated them over different servers:

Containerized application

Horizontal scaling, spin up as many workers as you need

Segmented networks are supported

Possibility to keep your data on-premise while the interaction runs from the cloud (GUI / API)

SNMP support for automatically finding the devices in your network

More information about the architecture you can read here.

Specify requirements

Define your preference using Slurp’it’s versatile options:

Pre-configured planning for most used show commands and vendors (110+)

Add your own from an endless number of OpenSource TextFSM templates (600+)

Set up your own schedules to determine how often you want specific information

Start mining & searching

Use the full potential of Slurp’it with limitless possibilities for discovery and data utilization:

Auto-Generated Views

Custom Reports

Download, export, integrate

Access historical data for as long as you require

Slurpit swagger documentation animation

Explore the Rest API

Slurp’it provides a RestAPI with all the flexibility to schedule and retrieve any data from your network and more.

Retrieve data for specific host name

Retrieve unique data per planning id and host name

Retrieve and compare full network snapshots

Sync with Source of Truth systems like NetBox

Powerful Features

Integrated 600+ TextFSM templates (no need to code yourself)
Build and test TextFSM templates yourself within Slurp'it
Share TextFSM templates back to the OpenSource community
An Enterprise overlay on-top of opensource solutions
Normalising column fields and attribute names across vendors
Granular scheduling capabilities per planning


All RestAPI based, so no need to use the GUI if you don't want
Synchronisation with other systems like NetBox a.o.
Event enrichment with your ticketing systems
Export and share custom views with colleagues and customers
SNMP device finder to automatically keep your inventory up-to-date.
Code with your own Python scripts against our platform

Psssst did you know we have a python SDK ?

Integrate Slurpit easily in your ongoing project or Enterprise software by using our SDK.

It´s an easy way to communicate with the platform but it has also Pandas & CSV export support build-in.

Slurp up your network today !

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