Download Slurp’it

Download Slurp’it now and take the first step towards a future where Network Discovery is as simple as it should be. To start we provide Slurp’it in two different way, Containerized with Docker or an OVA to import as a Virtual Machine.

Slurp’it has an unlimited lifetime free Device Finder which will find all your devices in the Network and add them to our inventory. The limit in the free version is the amount of devices from which data can be collected.


Download Slurp’it containerized from our Gitlab page where we provide all the files, images and documentation to start Slurp’it within your container environment.


Virtual Appliance

Download Slurp’it Virtual Appliance as an OVA file. This OVA file you can easily import in your Virtual Environment like VMware ESX or Hyper-V.


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