Play in our Sandbox

Welcome to our software sandbox – your virtual playground to explore, experiment, and experience our features firsthand. Take control, play around, and discover how Slurp’it can meet your needs. Welcome to a new way of trying out software!

Currently we provide the Slurp’it Appliance, complete with an integrated Simulation Lab derived from our Open-Source Device Imitator project. Additionally, we provide a NetBox installation featuring our Slurp’it plugin. Although the Netbox plugin is actively undergoing development, we are eager to offer you access to its Beta version.

Before you start playing in the Sandbox we can recommend to do first the online course to have a bit of an understanding about the setup, click here for the course.


Click here to visit the Slurp’it sandbox, where you can try out our Network Discovery solution. Experience a simulated and restricted Network Infrastructure tailored for select vendors, including Cisco IOS, Cisco NXOS, Mikrotik, and HPE Comware. Please note that only a limited set of show commands is available for these specific vendors.


NetBox plugin

Click here to try NetBox equipped with our Slurp’it plugin. NetBox, an Open-Source Network Inventory solution, seamlessly integrates with Slurp’it, allowing automatic synchronization of your Live Network Inventory. Our plugin is available for both NetBox Cloud and on-premise installations. 


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