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NetBox Plugin Changelog

Our versioning is setup like:

1.x.x = Major
x.1.x = Minor
x.x.1 = Build number


This release contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Next release new features will be added.

  • Datatabs cache had an issue where the wrong data was sometimes shown.
  • Hostnames, FQDN & IPv4 will be automatically updated for devices which are already onboarded
  • Only onboarded devices will show the Slurp’it tab
  • Conflict & Migrate show now the diffs below eachother.
  • Syncing data from Netbox to Slurpit is heavily improved
  • Error handling is improved
  • Plugin reset will restore the default mapping values
  • Appliance types are renamed to Pull, Push & Both
  • Couple of typos are corrected (thx community)
  • New data will only be loaded in the data tab when clicked on refresh data. This way data will also stay available when slurpit is no longer being used in your company.
  • Couple of small other bugs regarding Migrate & Conflict are solved

This is our first big release after the MVP was launched. The following was added in this release:

  • NetBox cloud support
    • Push data from Slurp’it into Netbox
  • Callback support to directly add new records in Netbox the moment they are found in Slurp’it
  • Data tabs, where you can view your live captured Slurpit data directly in Netbox
  • Migrate & Conflict support: When devices in Netbox are changed or newly discovered we offer that you can update the existing date or re-create it

Our first release was called the MVP, this was when we announced the product start 2024. In this version we released On-prem support to sync devices from Slurp’it into NetBox in a very basic way.

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