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Slurp’it System Requirements

Requirements for the Docker images

  • An operating system with the latest version of Docker and Docker Compose
  • GIT is optional but could be useful to download the configuration files
  • An engineer with some server & docker experience
  • Detailed installation manual can be found here

Requirements for the Virtual Machine (OVA)

  • A Hypervisor like Virtualbox, VMware workstation or ESXi
  • An engineer to manage the Hypervisor
  • Our getting started documentation, located here.

Hardware requirements

Slurp’it uses a Microservice architecture where it’s easy to offload services to another server.
But when you run everything on the same server the following is required:

Minimum Configuration:

  • CPU: Quad-core processor
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 100GB HDD or SSD

Recommended Configuration:

  • CPU: Hexa-core or octa-core processor for improved performance and concurrency
  • RAM: 32GB or higher, allowing for larger working sets and improved performance
  • Storage: 250GB SSD for better performance

Enterprise Recommendation:

  • CPU: Multi-core processor (12 cores or more) for higher concurrency and workload processing
  • RAM: 64GB or higher, providing ample memory for larger datasets and indexing operations
  • Storage:
    • High-performance SSDs in RAID configuration, separated for data and journaling
    • Consider SAN or NAS solutions for scalability and reliability

The NetBox changelog can be found here.

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