Navigating the Fog of Network Changes

Sep 10, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, network changes are frequent, if not inevitable. While change is often necessary for progress, it also brings an inherent risk: the unknown impact on your existing network setup. Network engineers tread this slippery slope every day, relying on a mix of experience and best guesses to ensure that the changes they implement don’t bring down critical services. Enter Slurp’it: a powerful tool that’s flipping the script on how we manage network changes.

The Challenge: Assessing the Unknown

When it comes to executing network changes, the elephant in the room is always the unknown repercussions these alterations may have on the existing network. Whether it’s changing configurations, updating software, or adding new devices, each action has the potential to impact other parts of the network in unpredictable ways.

Beyond Traditional Config Diffs

Traditional methods like configuration diffs are helpful but often woefully insufficient. They provide a snapshot of the changes on a specific device but are blind to the ripple effects these changes might trigger across the network. This is where Slurp’it pre and post-state analysis functionality shines.

Comprehensive State Analysis: The Slurp’it Way

Unlike conventional tools that offer limited perspectives, Slurp’it collects a comprehensive set of data from across your network. By capturing the network state both before and after a change, Slurp’it can perform a holistic analysis to reveal what, if anything, has shifted. This can be invaluable in identifying unintended consequences or dependencies that were not initially evident.

In Beta: GUI and Reporting Features

We understand that data is as good as the insights it can generate. While this pre and post-state comparison function is already part of Slurp’it data capabilities, we’re taking it up a notch. We’re in the beta phase of introducing a graphical user interface (GUI) and reporting features specifically focused on change impact analysis. These new features will simplify how you view, interpret, and act on the change data, making it easier than ever to make informed decisions.

Real Benefits: Risk Mitigation and Accountability

By leveraging Slurp’it pre and post-state comparison, network engineers can significantly mitigate the risks associated with network changes. Not only does this facilitate more informed decision-making, but it also offers a level of accountability that was previously unattainable. If something does go awry, pinpointing the root cause becomes a more straightforward affair, allowing for quicker resolutions and less downtime.


In a world where network stability is often at odds with the need for continual upgrades and changes, Slurp’it provides a middle ground. It offers a way to enact changes without flying blind, to innovate without sacrificing stability.

To learn more about how Slurp’it can revolutionize your approach to network changes, visit us at

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