Slurp’it Nautobot Plugin

Discover & Onboard your Devices in Nautobot

All you need to keep your favorite Source of Truth up-to-date with the state and intent of your network


Discover your Network
with Slurp’it


Onboard Data
into Nautobot


Manage Differences
State vs Intent


Discover your network with Slurp’it

Easy network discovery

Up and running in 10 minutes. Just follow the steps in the wizard and let Slurp’it find all your network devices and data.

Discover all your network devices
Discover and parse any inventory data
Data translated & stored in JSON format
More than 750 TextFSM templates from NTC & Slurp'it
One restAPI for your data & production devices

Onboard data into Nautobot

Instant onboarding

Onboarding your network devices and inventory data in Nautobot has never been this easy!

Install Slurp'it plugin
Set up API keys for Slurp'it & Nautobot
Sync discovered data from Slurp'it
Onboard your network in Nautobot
Support for both Nautobot on-prem and Cloud
Onboard with NetBox plugin

Manage diffs between state & intent

Smart reconciliation

Manage differences between your actual network and intended state.

Map data between Slurp'it & Nautobot
Reconcile device changes
Reconcile data changes
Sync mapped data attributes
Onboard with NetBox plugin

Free Starter Package

Nautobot - Day 1 Discovery

What’s included:

  • Slurp’it software + ‘free for life’ license
  • Nautobot plugin
  • Course: Slurp’it – Getting started
  • Course: Nautobot – Day 1 Discovery
  • 1:1 zoom session with our specialists

Learn how to:

  • Install Slurp’it and the Nautobot plugin
  • Discover all your network devices
  • Discover any inventory data you like
  • Onboard everything in Nautobot
  • Reconcile ‘actual’ vs ‘intended’ state
  • Use Slurp’it for endless use-cases 
  • Integrate Slurp’it RestAPI


What is Slurp'it?

Slurp’it is a powerful and easy-to-use network inventory discovery solution that requires no coding and can discover any network data from 117+ vendors, using 750+ community TextFSM templates.

What does the Slurp'it plugin do?

With the Slurp’it plugin Nautobot users can easily onboard the network devices and inventory data that Slurp’it discovers into both Nautobot on-prem and Cloud systems.

Is the plugin free

Yes, the plugin is free and available as OpenSource. Nautobot Cloud customers will see the plugin pre-installed. Open source Nautobot users need to install the plugin in their on-prem system.

Where can I download the plugin

The plugin is available in the starter package, but you can also download it here: or here

Is Slurp'it free?

Slurp’it has a ‘free for life’ license in every download. It allows you to discover unlimited network devices, onboard them in Nautobot and keep in sync with changes (between Nautobot and production).

It includes discovery of basic device attributes such as hostname, fqdn, ip-address, device type, manufacturer and platform. You can ‘map’ these into Nautobot to the correct fields such as role, type, site, region, rack, position, etc.

For many users, this solves their main challenge for FREE! If you want extra attributes and data to be discovered and onboarded in Nautobot , you need to buy a professional license.

Tip! The FREE version includes a ‘Professional’ license for 10 devices, so you experience Slurp’its full functionality.

When do I pay for Slurp'it?

You need a ‘Professional’ (paid) license if you want to discover extended attributes/data for more than 10 devices (included in the FREE version).

The professional license allows you to discover and parse ANY data from network devices and onboard this into Nautobot. Out these attributes for the most common vendors such as are already included: Mac addresses, ARP tables, Interfaces, CDP/LLDP neighbors, Clock & hardware info, Routing tables, Software version & Vlans.

Additionally, you can add more TextFSM templates in your planning or build (and test) new ones. You can also let us build and test new templates for you as part of the paid subscription.

Is there a limitation with the free version & plugin?

No, all functionality is supported in the free Slurp’it license and plugin.

Can I see a demo of Slurp'it?

Yes, you can watch the intro video on More videos are available in our membership when you sign up for the Nautobot starter package. 

Can I see a demo of the Nautobot plugin?

Please be patient, we are working on a demo recording. More videos will also become available in our membership when you sign up for the Nautobot starter package. 

Where can I download Slurp'it?

You can sign up for the free starter package. You will get an e-mail with instructions how to download Slurp’it, the Nautobot plugin, access to the Slurp’it and training video’s and how to schedule a 1:1 Zoom call.

If you just want Slurp’it, go to You can download Slurp’it as a dockerized container or as an OVA file.


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