Supercharge Network Onboarding with Slurp’it and NetBox

Jan 18, 2024

UPDATE! Official Netbox Slurp’it plugin launched, read more here >

Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) knows that taking on a new customer means navigating a complex labyrinth of legacy systems, undocumented networks, and vaguely described assets. This was precisely the situation a German MSP found themselves in when they took on a customer who had decided to outsource their network.

Traditionally, the MSP would deploy staff to customer sites or engage in exhaustive virtual meetings to conduct network audits. This time, they opted for a smarter approach by using Slurp’it and its NetBox integration.


How to get the data for NetBox

The first step was creating a Network Source of Truth using NetBox. However, filling out NetBox without proper documentation was like sailing without a compass—difficult and risky. The absence of an accurate inventory meant they could easily miss out on putting essential hardware under contract maintenance, leading to potential risks and losses.


Enter Slurp’it: Easy Network Discovery

Slurp’it was installed to discover the entire network. This includes all devices and a full inventory of all data points like slots, connected ports, MAC addresses, interface status, Vlans, serial numbers, topology information and many more. With the capability to transform raw command output into structured JSON data effortlessly, Slurp’it was the ideal tool for the job.

Within a few days all data was collected to populate NetBox. By eliminating the need to fly staff to various locations or conduct lengthy virtual meetings, they saved several months worth of time and labor costs. 

The quick and precise data collection enabled the MSP to accurately determine which devices and services should be under maintenance contracts. This reduced potential contractual and operational risks and also increased the customer’s confidence in the MSP’s capabilities.

The result was a happy customer while the MSP found a new standard operating procedure for onboarding clients. Slurp’it transitioned from being a helpful tool to an essential part of their onboarding and management suite.


Efficiency Through Automation

Using Slurp’it wasn’t just a time-save; it was a game-changer that changed how the MSP approaches customer onboarding for years to come.  In an industry where time is money, and where quality of service drives retention, Slurp’it proves to be invaluable. 

Experience the power of Slurp’it for yourself! The free 30-day unlimited license offers invaluable insights into your network without any cost. These are the kinds of insights that companies often pay significant sums for when hiring consultancy firms.

If you haven’t already, download and install the FREE version of Slurp’it to get started and get your FREE NetBox onboarding course.

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