New NetBox-Slurp’it plugin to discover & onboard your network in no time

Jan 31, 2024

Tired of manually documenting your network devices and struggling with keeping your NetBox up-to-date with accurate information?

The new Slurp’it plugin for NetBox seamlessly syncs all discovered data with your NetBox system. It eliminates manual entry and ensures your inventory is always current.

With Slurp’it, you can effortlessly onboard devices, map inventory data, and reconcile any discrepancies. All with just a few clicks.

Whether you’re using NetBox on-prem or in the cloud, our plugin has you covered.

Onboard with NetBox plugin

Key features

  • Automated network inventory discovery
  • Seamless sync between Slurp’it and NetBox
  • Effortless onboarding and mapping of devices
  • Reconciliation of inventory discrepancies
  • Compatible with both on-prem and cloud-based NetBox installations


Free Starter Package

In collaboration with NetBox Labs, Slurp’it offers a free starter package called ‘Netbox – Day 1 discovery.‘ This package includes the free Slurp’it software, the NetBox plugin, a getting started course for Slurp’it, the ‘NetBox – Day 1 discovery’ course, and a 1:1 zoom call for personal support. Make sure to sign up for your free starter package.

About Slurp’it

Slurp’it is a community-driven network discovery solution built on a modern architecture. It leverages open-source libraries like Netmiko and TextFSM.  Out of the box it supports over 117 vendors  and includes 630+ community templates to translate non-structured CLI output into structured JSON format.

With its robust scheduler, Slurp’it can parse and store data from any show command in a matter of seconds. The data collected can then be synced with NetBox using the Slurp’it plugin.

Differences Free and Paid License

Slurp’it offers a ‘free for life’ license with unlimited device discovery and basic attributes such as hostname, FQDN, IP address, device type, manufacturer and platform. The paid ‘professional’ license offers endless attributes and data retrieval options with ongoing discovery and unlimited storage in the Slurp’it data warehouse.

Out of the box Slurp’it discovers the following attributes for most common vendors: Mac addresses, ARP tables, Interfaces, CDP/LLDP neighbors, Clock & Hardware info, Routing tables, Software version & Vlans. You can also build as many new ones yourself.

The Professional license is based on the # of desired devices. The free version also includes a ‘Professional’ license for 10 devices, allowing anyone to experience all functionalities.

Slurp’it – Netbox Plugin

The Slurp’it – Netbox Plugin is a free tool that facilitates the onboarding and reconciliation of data discovered by Slurp’it into NetBox. It is made available to the open-source community and supports both NetBox cloud and on-premise deployments.

Users can configure the plugin settings to pull data from NetBox with on-premise deployments or push data from Slurp’it to NetBox Cloud. While the plugin comes pre-installed for NetBox Cloud users, open-source users need to deploy it themselves.

We offer several ways to get you up and running: check how you can start here.


Special Offer: NetBox – Day 2 Discovery & Onboarding’

In addition to the free ‘Netbox – Day 1 discovery package’, Slurp’it has a special offer for those who seek to discover and onboard their full network inventory including everything that the professional license offers but without committing to a yearly subscription. 

For €1499,-, users receive a two-month professional license for up to 500 devices along with 1:1 consultancy and support from our experts and access to our advanced courses to ensure seamless discovery and onboarding. Book a meeting to secure your offer.

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