Aruba AOS-CX support for Netmiko

Mar 11, 2024

Within Slurp’it, we follow a hybrid model where we would like to use and support the open-source community. This way, we can provide quality software without having to re-invent the wheel. We also make sure that the open-source projects we use are backed by a certain level of support from our development team.

You can read more about our vision on the About Us page.

Today, we can announce that after weeks of testing with both virtual and physical devices, we have added support for Aruba AOS CX to the Netmiko project.

Netmiko is used by Slurp’it to connect to both physical and virtual devices for our Network Discovery solution. The networking vendors maintained by Netmiko are also our market standard for Platform names, which we also sync up-and-down with Netbox in our Netbox discovery plugin.

To see which code we contributed, you should visit our merge request on the official Netmiko GitHub page:

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