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Recently we received the following ticket:

I would like to test Slurpit in our organization and integrate it with Netbox. I have downloaded a free version and installed it. I managed to reach the login page; however, when I enter the default credentials, it does not proceed further. Instead, I receive a “page not found” message. I have tried both the OVA and Docker implementations, but encountered the same issue each time.

Slurp’it is using DNS binding, which means that the configured url in the Docker Compose file is the only url the Back-end will communicate with.

For example:
PORTAL_BASE_URL: https://sandbox.slurpit.io

in this scenario, you can only access the system correctly through https://sandbox.slurpit.io. If you fill in the server IP, the page might load, but there won’t be any communication with the backend since it only responds to the configured PORTAL_BASE_URL.

Incase this is all correct and you still expire problems, verify that if you use HTTPS that everything is setup correctly: How to setup HTTPS

Else submit a ticket and we will help you forward.

The NetBox changelog can be found here.

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